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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Man on wings

Manzano Laser Works



Welcome to MLW

MLW specializes in R/C model airplane kits and custom laser cutting services.

Willkommen bei MLW

MLW ist spezlisiert auf RC Modell - Flugzeuge und custom laser cutting services.

We wecome you to our business. MLW is a home business that caters to the model kit builder. We also support designers who want to try out their work using laser cut parts. Please look at the guidelines for laser cut files in our web site. Feel free to contact us for help in setting up a cut or in building one of our kits.

We are pleased to offer the following kits for the R/C airplane builder. The short kits include only the laser cut parts for building the airplanes described. Sticks, wire, etc must be provided by the builder. There are no instructions in short kits.

Our WWI kits also include neoprene rubber cord for making the tires.

Full kits include the wood and wire pieces necessary to build the kit (no electronics or power). Wire is not bent. We include pink foam for carved sections. The WWI kits include neoprene cord for making your tires. Some include a vacuum formed parts to assist in the build. Crude instructions are included and these can also be downloaded for preview from the downloads page.
for example Jeff Bosley Design
30" P-40

Marcus and Alexander Thorn Design
36" Hawker Hurricane Mk I

Derek Micko Design
30" I-16 Rata

Keith Sparks Design
40" P-47D Thunderbolt
Adrian Britton designs
42" Luscome Silvaire

44" One Seven Zero Bee

45" PA-12 Super Cruiser

36" Fiat G55 Centauri

Michael Hammer Designs
28" WASP

Robert McKellar Designs
19" AVRO Arrow

28" Gee Bee Z

Frederic Klein Designs
36" Caudron Aiglon

37" A1 Skyraider

Thomas Nielsen Designs
30" FW-190

Vintage1 design
60" Southerner II (old timer)

40" Aesop (old timer)

Tom van Haaren
45" Dewoitine D-520

46" Macchi C.202

Peter Rake Post WWI
38" WACO SRE (plastic parts and full kits now available)

Peter Rake Small Scale
Peter Rake IPS models
24" Eindekker EIII

Peter Rake Sport Planes
30" Slingshot

36" AJ Sportster

32" Isaac's Fury

52" Ryan's Daughter

36" Rowan's Runabout

Peter Rake WWI
40" Sopwith Pup
42" Albatros D.II and D.III

36" Thomas Morse Scout S-4C

47" Bristol M1C

48" Farman Moustique F450

33" Nieuport 11

42" Morane Saulnier AI

45" Sopwith Triplane

43" FE8

50" 1913 Ponnier Racer

36" Hanriot Monoplane

42" FK-24 Baboon

36" DH-6

36" SPAD XIII (now also offered as a full kit)


36" SE5A

54" SE5A

42" Fokker D-VIII

36" Moska MB Bis

36" Sopwith Camel (now also offered as a full kit)

38" Bristol F2B Brisfit

48" Eastbourne Monoplane

36" Fokker EIII

48" Eindekker EIII

36" Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter

37" Nieuport Monoplane


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